In the sleepy coastal town of Sandpoint, evil is brewing…

Character Creation Rules:

Races: Any from core rulebook, others ask probably ok

Classes: Any from Core, Advanced Players Guide, Advanced Class Guide (except Summoner)

Traits: Pick 2 from Advanced Players Guide

Level: 1

Starting Gold: Max for class/race

HP: Max for first level, average of HD after

Stats: 15 Point Buy

Provide with following descriptions: 
-Physical: Scars, hair color/eye color, facial hair (if any), skin color, birth marks, tattoos, etc 
-Personalities: Happy, anti-social, impatient, naïve, bubbly, easily tickled (i.e. is easy to make him/her laugh), etc 
-Origins: If your PC is from Sandpoint, explain his/her relations with some of the NPCs. If the PC is not from Sandpoint, explain where he/she came from, why he/she left, and/or why the PC decided to come to Sandpoint. 
-Likes/Dislikes: Should be simple enough. 
All of these shouldn’t be in-depth, but should be more of a summary for each category. 


Rise of the Runelords: Part Deux

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