Beatrice Milldread

55yr old lady


True neutral human female rogue.

Her family has all died and she has been tending their ranch alone for 10 years. She has sold the estate and property to fund travel. She wishes to travel to escape the painful memories of loss that haunt the home. A very motherly figure, she is sure to keep you in line, should your mouth be foul or your action plans be hasty. She will give you an earful or more. She does yoga daily and is a bit of an alchemist to create tonics to fight arthritis. She has recurring bouts of insomnia and her favorite bird is the Nightingale. She sometimes wears a dark brown wig as her hair is mostly white but enjoys “dolling up” a bit to remind her of happier times or potential suitor locale. She is also very talented with using simple things to use as makeup.

Beatrice Milldread

Rise of the Runelords: Part Deux Aireus